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SingularityNet Overview - $AGI

POSTED ON 17-06-2019
3 months ago
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$AGI Update | Overview | Outlook

$AGI/ETH – link

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My rationale summarised.

Nothing has changed. ETHBTC will run against BTC. Binance news and BTC running only delay it but cannot stop it.

When ETH does this run it will bring the rest of the market, especially Ethereum based projects up with it massively.

SingularityNet is a powerhouse fundamentally, and on all charts it looks bottomed. The OBV is a rare sight where massive accumulation and inflow is seen. Compare it to many other alts for very different results.

BETA V2 will be launching in the near future which will include – Request for AI portal 

“This addition to our roadmap is a way for us to engage with the AI community. It will provide them with a forum dedicated to the request for AI services, their development, and their public display and funding.” — Raam Baranidharan, VP of Engineering

– Software development Kit and request streams 

“The SingularityNET SDK offers a set of tools, libraries, and documentation that helps AI developers create AI services on the SingularityNET Network. It also allows end-users to integrate AI Services into their applications. We will be enhancing the current SDK so as to abstract out blockchain interactions and make it simpler for developers to invoke services.”

– Daemon — Request Streams

“We currently have a straight-forward request/response model tied to the platform, but with streaming we can support richer services. For example, real time speech translation where the request is a live (continuous) stream of data that is processed by the service and the response is a stream of the processed data. Since we have not set size limits for streaming, we can now support larger datasets which allow more complex AI services to operate.” — Raam Baranidharan, VP of Engineering

– Platform Improvement Proposals and Ongoing Developments

“We want to democratize access to AI technology and it only makes sense that we democratize the decision making process that will get us there. We have a vibrant and skilled community and we want to leverage their expertise as we build out the platform.” — Raam Baranidharan, VP of Engineering

Payment methods and Pricing Models

Fiat to Crypto

The long-awaited financial bridge is in its final development stages. The fiat to crypto gateway will enable users to consume services on the platform using fiat currencies, and service owners to cash out their AGI tokens back into fiat currencies. In other words, it will not be necessary for new users to have a Metamask account and connect their wallet to the platform before they can call an AI service or invest in the fulfillment of a new AI project on the RFAI portal.

Pricing Models We will be rolling out three different pricing models to enhance SingularityNET’s AI marketplace. The first improvement will involve allowing users to subscribe to a given (to be defined) number of AI service calls per month.

API of APIs Services calling services Allowing different AI agents to interact and supplement each other is a major step towards the development of AGI. The “API of APIs” use case involves a service invoking another service for any given request. The final cost of such interaction will be set to the sum of individual service calls.

Long story short, there is heaps coming up on this project.

It will outpace all majors with fundamentals around the corner and a ~30m market cap.

AGI is setup the best for capitalizing and creating an AI controlled AI marketplace with staking on AI projects and these projects would be using the AGI token to drive volume

Even pulling a % of this market, at 30m market cap in comparison to 2,200,000,000,000 2020 projection will reap rewards

For now it’s a trade, but this will become a massive long term bag.

Authored and Charted by Benko.