How improve your seo in 2021

SEO in 2021: how to promote small businesses in search to increase sales from the site

Site optimization for the Yandex and Google search engines is back at the top of the advertising tools. SEO does not require huge budgets and is not yet “overheated” among advertisers, so will get more traffic at less cost. And most importantly – will provide a regular stream of targeted users for a long time.

Optimize your site for Yandex and Google

SEO-optimization helps the site to hold high positions in the issuance of Yandex and Google. The site is promoted for certain queries, which makes it find the target users.

For search engines to suggest your site to potential customers, you need to do internal and external optimization.

As part of the internal optimization:

  • Evaluate the technical condition of the site and make improvements;
  • pick up key queries, adjusting the content on pages;
  • fine-tune the commercial and behavioral factors;

External factors include:

  • work with incoming links;
  • work with feedback and recommendations on third-party resources;
  • adding the site to directories, directories, review sites.

Results from SEO are not immediately visible. It takes some months to get in the top 10 for certain requests, so now is the right time to start working so that by the fall to get in the cherished top 10 and collect the maximum number of target users on your site.

Basic steps of promotion

Search engines are constantly changing algorithms. To get a foothold in the top, it is important not only to improve the technical component of the site, to carry out preparatory work, but also to take into account search trends and adjust to them.

Here are the basic steps in SEO, which will help to make your site convertible and visible to search engines in the next 2-3 months:

  • link promotion;
  • emphasis on quality, useful and expert content;
  • monopolization of the results.


Don’t believe the experts who say you don’t need links for promotion in 2021. Links have worked, work and will probably always work. No site can exist without reference recommendations in the form of links, so the algorithms of Yandex and Google take into account the links in assessing the quality of the site.

According to a 2021 study, respondents consider the link weight of the site as a significant ranking factor. Over 90% of respondents allocate budget for links and link building: almost half spend on links more than a quarter of the advertising budget.

It is important to note here: not all links are equally useful. The strategy to go and buy a few hundred links to the site now does not work. Moreover, the poor quality of the link environment can lead to search engine sanctions.

What to do? Do systematic work on increasing link building. The effectiveness of link building and recognize the search engines. As noted in 2020 Google, the right link strategy – a good plus to the weight of the site. Yandex recognizes that links are “a critical component of the Internet” and gives webmasters advice on using external links.


Links can be obtained in different ways. For example, you can write articles for resources or create infomercials that the media will then tell about. You can also encourage customers to leave reviews about your company online, thereby attracting natural links to your site. If there are a lot of positive reviews, as a bonus, you’ll build a good reputation for the brand on the Web.

Tips for building link mass



  • Avoid a “link explosion” – getting a large number of links in a short period. Smooth growth is important.
  • Links should lead to different pages of the site. A common mistake for beginners in SEO – redirecting all the links to one page.
  • Do not evaluate other sites in terms of how many hits they can give you. The very existence of a link on a quality, authoritative resource already has value for promotion.
  • Pay attention to sites and pages that contain links to you. About 30% of links should be close to the subject of your site.
  • Get carried away receiving links only from certain resources is not worth it. Successful promotion requires a variety of reference mass. This means that links to your site should lead with thematic articles, reviews, forums, etc.
  • Follow the rule: 2-5 links per page on the promoting query. This way the link mass will look natural.


Helpful, unique, high-quality content is the basis of website promotion. In 2021, filling the site with SEO-texts with the right keywords is no longer enough for good positions in search results. It is important to post expert content as well.

content marketing


A combination of high-quality expert and SEO articles will ensure your credibility with search engines and help bring users from search to your site.

Many site owners believe that there is no point in spending money on new content if there are already good texts on the pages of the site. If the site is not regularly updated, search engine robots are less likely to visit the site and over time begin to consider it less useful. So don’t spare money for new content and rewrite the current one, because life doesn’t stand still. Up-to-date information will allow you to be useful and get high positions in search engine rankings.

Tips for creating content

  • Maintain relevance – Content on the site should be relevant to the queries you’re promoting in search, and answer possible questions users may have. For example, if you sell strollers for kids and want to rank for the query “how to choose a stroller,” describe in detail what kind of strollers there are, what to look for when buying, add images and/or videos to the text, and use appropriate keywords with synonyms.
  • Avoid spamming – a high density of keywords. Checking content for overspam is easy: if when you read the text you think it sounds unnatural and contains a lot of repeated words, then this is it.
  • Do rewrite – this is an inexpensive way to get new texts for promotion.
  • In order not to fall under the sanctions of search engines, check the quality of texts. You can use services for this: Advego, Content-Watch, Glavred, etc.

Important information for commercial sites

If you sell products through the site, note that you have the following information:

  • Shipping and Payment. Specify in this section information about shipping and payment methods. Introduce mobile payment via Google and Apple Pay, if possible.
  • Online consultations. This can be a chat or a call to support, or video tutorials.
  • Video or photo tours, reviews. Show users the product from all sides. Use photos, videos, etc. to do this.

Monopolization of giving out

In recent years, there is an increasing monopolization of search results. As the result, the leaders in the top are large resources with a “good history”. Companies can take advantage of this trend, obtaining sales even in the absence of the site. For example, you can start working with Yandex.Market, promote a group in VKontakte or a post on Yule or Avito. Any large resource that is highly valued by search engines will do.

If you have a site and simultaneous optimization on other sites, you can take a few places at once in the top.

Tips for resources to take several places in the top

  • Work on content and linking, do not forget to put links from social networks to the site, and from the site to their pages on other resources. Use keywords that reflect the specifics of the company. Add the keyword in the names of your communities in social networks, post titles and descriptions of images.
  • Optimize external factors. Use thematic links from other social networking groups.
  • Improve behavioral factors, taking into account the peculiarities of your sites: increase the number of subscribers in social networks, the number of likes and reposts.
  • Work on your commercial factors to make choosing your products easier and more intuitive, and making purchasing easy.
  • Avoid click fraud, page views, and time on the site to avoid being penalized.




The key to successful promotion in 2021 is comprehensive work not only on the website, but also optimization for the sites where the company is presented. Once the basic SEO-work on the site is done, mistakes are eliminated and the resource began to grow in prominence, it is important not to stop promotion, but to consolidate the success. Considering the main factors and trends, you can improve visibility in search and get new clients from the Internet.

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