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How to prepare an online store and increase the conversion rate

This article tells about how to improve your online store site to prepare it for paid traffic and increase the number of orders.

Product cards

Check the product cards. They should comply with Google’s requirements for landing pages for product listings:

1. information about a specific product should be visible on the product card (title, image, price, “Add to cart” or “Buy” button). If there are other variants of the product on the card, this too should be clear to the visitor. Make these options more visible.

information about item

Product images in an online store are very important. When a consumer buys from their laptop or cell phone, they can’t see and touch them live. Therefore, customers need to be sure of what they are buying. Detailed, detailed images and videos of the product help.

Multiple product photos, the ability to zoom in and even rotate 360 degrees give a potential buyer more confidence than a single image.

As for the product description, it can be entrusted to a professional copywriter who can compose an attractive text about the product and make your customer want to buy the product.

Statistically, better images and more persuasive descriptions can improve your online sales by 10%.

2. The product card should clearly show its price. If the page lists several product variants with different prices, the price of the variant the user is interested in should stand out.

Price item

3. Auxiliary elements on the pages such as pop-ups or banners with a button (an offer to subscribe to the mailing list, language selection, etc.) should not block the main information about the product. Site visitors should also be able to easily close such a window.

info banners


Payment page

The order placement process has a major impact on the conversion rate of your online store. It should be as simple, understandable, and fast as possible so that a potential buyer has no trouble placing an order. With a simple and secure payment process, website conversion will increase.

To achieve this, ensure that the payment page of your online store complies with the following guidelines:

Universal order form. It is convenient when one form is used for legal entities and individuals. At the same time, the fields to be filled out by legal entities should remain optional.


Order form example

The visitor should be able to place an order as simply and quickly as possible. If the order placement process consists of several steps, just let your customer know: “Step 1 of 3”, “Step 2 of 3”, etc. Keep the number of steps to a minimum. This will reduce the likelihood that they will leave the online store before the purchase.

Minimum order amount. If your online store only allows purchases from a certain amount, specify it in your shipping settings.

Authorization. If only authorized users are allowed to order on your website, make registration and login as easy and fast as possible. It may also be convenient for some users to make a quick purchase without authorization.


Payment methods. Add information on available payment methods to the website basement and product cards.

Registration and payment should be secure for your customers. All payments, transactions, and processing of customers’ personal data (name, address, email, etc.) should be secured with an SSL certificate, including those on third-party websites and services which customers use to pay.


Payments methods


Exact prices. The cost of items when placing and paying for your order must not differ from the price on the product card or in ads. It may only change if a promo code or discount is applied. Taxes and fees must be included in the price. The costs that are associated with the processing and delivery of the order, the fees of delivery services should be included in the delivery price.

Exact price


Customize your taxes

Make sure you set up the correct tax transfer for the country you plan to advertise in. The total price of an item is made up of its cost and the amount of taxes. You can specify the amount of taxes in different ways. There are also different requirements for different countries.

In some countries, VAT must be included in the price of the product. For the U.S., for example, you need to specify the tax information in the feed or Merchant Center settings. The amount of tax is allowed to be overstated: the main thing is that it must not be lower than on the payment page on your site.

You can read about them in the instructions from Google.


Configure shipping

Shipping must also be set up correctly.

In addition to adding items to the Merchant Center, you need to specify the cost and speed of delivery. Often the visitor’s decision to make a purchase depends on these parameters. That’s why data on cost and delivery time should be accurate.

Mobile version

Your site should load quickly on all devices, especially mobile devices where users often have limited traffic in terms of speed and volume.

Using AMP pages can help speed up page load times. These are eye-catching web pages, load instantly, and run smoothly. AMP pages are easy to customize and easy to adapt for mobile. This improves the visitor’s experience of interacting with the site and, as a result, increases conversions from mobile devices.


Bonus: more growth points for your online store, which you should pay attention to

1. Google Analytics

Install Google Analytics, a free analytics tool, on your website. It will help you understand how your customer navigates your site, which of your pages are most popular, where potential customers lose interest and leave your site, and how quickly they make a purchase.


2. Site navigation

Easy site navigation is very important. If your users can find what they need in no time at all, they are more likely to buy something and return to your site when they want something else.

navigation example


3. Reviews

BrightLocal found in its “Local Consumer Survey” that 84% of people trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation. So collect reviews and reviews from your customers and publish them on your online store.



You can set up automatic emails after delivery asking for reviews and reviews. Ask for reviews on your website, your Google My Business list, Facebook, and other relevant online review sites. If you post them on your website, make sure they are tagged with a review scheme. Marking will allow you to get gold stars in Google search results.


4. Fixed or free shipping

Shipping costs are often the biggest obstacle to making an online purchase, especially when they unexpectedly appear as an additional cost toward the end of the checkout process. You can avoid this by offering fixed or free shipping that can be factored into your costs. Another option that works is free shipping on orders of a certain number of items or for a certain amount.



5. Resale

To increase ROAS, presales are often used. Offer the customer a product that complements the product they’ve already chosen. For example, if you sell a dress, you might recommend a bag to go with that dress. If you sell books, show other books that your customers with similar interests have already bought.
After the product information in the product card, add an “other customers also liked…” or “other customers also bought…” block. There could be more expensive versions of the same product or matching accessories to the product. This will help the customer find what they need and can also increase the average order check.



6. Safety Badges.

One of the main concerns of online shoppers is safety. Aren’t they putting themselves at risk by entering their credit card information on your site?
The best way to solve this problem is to show security badges, such as an SSL certificate, a secure payment service icon so that they are visible throughout the checkout process.





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