how to find bloggers in instagram

How to find a blogger for advertising in Instagram

We will tell you about 6 search methods that can be combined in any order. Let’s look for the charismatic opinion leader who will authoritatively talk about the product and its benefits

Let’s talk about 6 search methods that can be combined in any order. Let’s look for the very charismatic opinion leader who will authoritatively tell you about the product and its benefits, so that subscribers will line up and flood you with Direct requests.

Search by hashtag
A simple manual method.



Type in Instagram themed hashtags and see popular posts. Many bloggers use hashtags in their posts:

  • brand hashtags
  • high-frequency thematic hashtags – #coffee, #education or #psychology
  • medium frequency thematic hashtags – #filtercoffee or #psychologyfamily
  • low-frequency thematic – #familyfinance
  • local – #vacationsesaratov and #zooparksamara
  • general – #instamood or #vacation
  • #squish and #simpledimple are the hype tags.

Manual search is time-consuming, but it’s free and available to everyone. Look at interesting accounts and create a short list of the most promising ones. We’ll analyze them later.

Search by geolocation

A more narrowly focused option that can be fruitful in some cases.

Need moms and dads? Check the kindergarten markers around here. For athletes, go to gym markers. You can find EHVers by the marks at Vedic and vegetarian cafes.

Of course, there’s an obvious downside to this method – many users tag popular places in photos, even if the post has nothing to do with that location. They try to squeeze out more views.

Search via services

This method is suitable for those who take the search for bloggers more seriously.

If you intend to search for the best options, carefully analyze the audience and cooperate with Influencers regularly – then the service will do the job better and faster than a manual search.

Search for bloggers by specified parameters



A direct answer to the question posed in the title of the article. To search for a blogger just set the parameters of interest in the service, for example, in our trendHERO. Then you need to choose the most interesting bloggers from the list. There are many categories – from business to esotericism. You also set the location, language, gender, number of subscribers, level of engagement and other metrics.

Dossier on any blogger on Instagram

Summary of basic data

hero parameters


What you can learn about the Influencer:

  • Audience gender and geo
  • Quality of audience: percentage of massfollowers, commercial, suspicious and real followers.
  • Profile comments: real, short, and suspicious
  • Subscriber growth dynamics
  • What hashtags does he use, what accounts he mentions, how often he posts
  • Where does he spend the money received from advertising (Okay, I got carried away here, the service does not show this. But all of the above – yes!)

…and other useful things for selecting opinion leaders.

The services also allow you to analyze bloggers you’ve found manually with hashtags or in other ways.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing how to list intelligently is a useful skill in any business. If your competitors are advertising a product from a certain blogger – it may be a workable option and you need similar accounts. Other stores may have already done the analytical work and worked with a few Influencers in your area. Or your competitors don’t understand and are draining your advertising budget.

In any case, it’s worth checking to see how your audience reacts to these ads. Are they asking questions about the product, asking to send them information in direct? Do these users look like your potential customers?

By answering these questions, draw a conclusion and decide: does such a blogger suit you or not.

Search for similar bloggers

There are three methods:

  • Subscribe to a blogger on Instagram – the algorithm prompts you to subscribe to others. The method works about 50% of the time:)
  • Check out the “hangout” of the influencer. Usually he’s friends with other instagrammers or tick-tockers. You’ll know this from shared selfies, tagging, or even just from subscriptions. If they fit your goals, you can use them.
  • Collect similar ones in trendHERO or Hypeauditor. The services can use their algorithms to calculate similarity. For example, they collect data on subscribers of the blogger. It is almost impossible to do this manually.

Let’s assume you have tried the methods above and have already made a small short list.

Be sure to check for audience overlap. If you’re launching a new product or category, it’s better to choose bloggers with minimal overlap. This way there will be more coverage. If it’s a promotion – then we’ll use a different tactic and choose bloggers with a large number of total subscribers. So that the follower will have the feeling that they are talking about you from every iron.


Bloggers from inbound requests

In addition to blatant advertising in Direct, offers come in from aspiring bloggers who have gained 3,000 to 10,000 followers and are looking for their first advertisers.
Don’t be in a hurry to weed out the newbies right away. These guys can do advertising on a barter basis – in most cases, a couple of clients coming in already pays for such expenses. Of course, such bloggers also need to be checked – for appropriate content, recruiting, engagement levels, and so on down the list.

It’s easy to work with them on barter. But be sure to clearly stipulate what the blogger will do.

It does not fit: “You give me a T-shirt, and I’ll give you a mark. The blogger will just take a picture of himself in your product and put a tag at the bottom – very little chance that this will get subscribers or orders. Negotiate for a review and give a promo code.

To summarize

In the initial stages, look for bloggers by hashtags, review competitors’ accounts, check the bloggers’ own subscriptions and don’t ignore direct mail requests. If you already have some experience and want to grow further by cooperating with new influencers – move to specialized services that will help you reach more bloggers and save your time.

Today, promoting with opinion leaders is as much a tool as targeting or other advertising. And if you find the right influencers, it’s even cheaper

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