what is b2b site

What is a B2B site?

The term B2B means a type of interaction where business collaborates with business. Collaboration can consist of buying or selling goods, providing services aimed specifically at business interests. A B2B site is a web resource that entrepreneurs create to attract customers from the business environment. What are the features of such web resources, what are […]

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how to optimize your site for mobile devices

Ways to adapt and optimize your site for mobile devices

The mobile version of a website –  is how a user sees your site from a mobile device – a phone or a tablet. According to Statcounter, more than half of the world’s users search for something on the Internet from mobile devices. Google, for its part, states in The Mobile Playbook Google’s guide for […]

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how to increase conversion

How to prepare an online store and increase the conversion rate

This article tells about how to improve your online store site to prepare it for paid traffic and increase the number of orders. Product cards Check the product cards. They should comply with Google’s requirements for landing pages for product listings: 1. information about a specific product should be visible on the product card (title, […]

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