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Stacking's Coin of The Quarter - BOLT

POSTED ON 14-10-2019
1 month ago
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The following article is a sample of the type of educational insights and market analysis from The Frontier Research Group Corp, a concentrated team of cryptocurrency traders, analysts and enthusiasts. We work tirelessly to provide quality material to our community members. 

Quick Statistics

These are some stats you should immediately familiarized yourself with as they are very attractive in terms of identifying and investing into “low cap gems.” The market cap of $BOLT is approximately $4,400,000 as of Oct. 12, 2019 with a circulating supply of 412,600,355 $BOLT tokens. The BOLT+ app has 5.27M users; bundled from their legacy users + users of the BOLT+ app. The BOLT+ app has already recieved over 67.7 million video streams! Most importantly, their revenue last quarter was approximately $3.45M with approximate profit of $500k. To view their Q1 Business Performance, check out this medium article – here.

The BOLT Business Performance (Q1 2019) Report rounds up strategic developments and results per quarter within the BOLT ecosystem. We also aim to provide a view on the focus areas that BOLT will be working on in the next 30–60 days.

Following the completion of Quarter 1 of 2019, the BOLT Team is pleased to report the following headline financial data:

Operating Revenue : USD 3,100,000
Gross Profit Margin (%) : 45%
Operating Net Profit : USD 558,000
Net Profit Margin (%) : 18%

The results have been on the basis of transaction revenues generated by subscription to the BOLT service in the current core markets.

Source: BOLT Q1 Medium Article

BOLT’s Mission, Vision & Partners

BOLT has certainly made a splash over the last few weeks on twitter. BOLT’s vision is to become the largest mobile wallet, powered by content. Their BOLT+ app is accessible on both Andriod and IOS devices and features a multitude of content from Live TV to Sports to Radio broadcasting. Their mission is to democratize the chain between content producers and users. BOLT is a fully functioning mobile focused video content focused on delivering news, live TV, sports, and video highlights to emerging markets that are constrained by bandwidth. Due to the fact that mobile devices outweigh the number of televisions owned, $BOLT is attempting to bring the underprivileged throughout emerging markets and developing nations to live media, sporting events and news highlights. Their BOLT+ mobile app also allows the user to upload their content to the app.

It is supported by Binance Chain & Zilliqa and is also supported on Pegasus Wallet, Ledger Nano and Trust Wallet. They are partnered with the 2020 Olympics, Hisense South Africa, the 2019 Rugby World Cup, the Discovery Channel, Al Jazeera, The International Cricket Council, Rakuten, ESPNU, NASA Live, ABC 7, CBN News, BBC News, Bloomberg Radio, ESPN Radio, and TalkSport. 

Bolt+ coming to Hisense phones. You can stream the latest sports and entertainment events on your phone! Download the app from

So off the bat, it’s pretty impressive, right? Well it gets better…

The BOLT Token

The $BOLT token is listed on Kucoin, Bitmax, and the Binance DEX. The token is used on the network by users to pay for premium content on the app with a secondary use for staking. Tokens can be purchased by the individuals in these developing nations and emerging markets on their mobile devices on the BOLT+ app. However, premium content isn’t the only use case for the token, with users being able to place bets on Premier League Football Games and sporting events with the opportunity of doubling your holdings if you’re right. The $BOLT token itself is worth ~1 cent, nearly a third of the ICO price (3 cents). The team runs quarterly token burns with 20% of their profits from the prior quarter, with ~50 million tokens being burned.

BOLT+ Stake

BOLT Stake: A game of skill and prediction where users can stake their BOLTs and participate in a football-themed game where they can predict the winners of popular football matches and key moments during the game. Winners will win BOLTs and incorrect answers will forfeit the amount of BOLTs that is staked. We have covered the progress of BOLT Stake extensively in this issue of BOLT Vault and we welcome our community to give us feedback and get ready to join our waiting list

-Christel Quek
Read the full Medium article, here.

$BOLT has also recently joined the Binance Chain Alliance. The Binance Chain Alliance is a collalition of blockchain projects that have successfully migrated to the Binance Chain and are currently listed on Binance DEX.

The Team

The Bolt Global team is compromised of over 30 people spanning 4 offices, coming from some of the biggest institutions in the world. Despite their career difference and what they bring to the table for BOLT, they all have one thing in common — they’re on a unified mission to build a meaningful movement for the underserved on a global scale. The team is headed by Jamal Hassim and Christel Quek, along with a list of top-notch advisors.

Jamal Hassim, Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Christel Quek, Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

Technical Analysis of $BOLT – Q4 2019

They are currently conducting a business audit with KPMG and exchange deposits have been disabled since it began. Team members have assured the community that the audit will be done very soon. When? No one knows exactly. A typical business audit can take up to 3 months. With the $BOLT audit beginning in mid-August, I would assume not much time is left until deposits are re-opened on exchanges. With so much hype and FOMO surrounding BOLT, as well as a lot of the circulating supply being held by bag holders, I do not believe we will see a tremendous sell off upon deposits re-opening. In fact, I foresee bag-holders holding their positions and retail traders buying up one of the few profitable companies in the space. There has been a significant premium for $BOLT on Kucoin versus the Binance DEX and Bitmax Exchange. I believe that an equilibrium will be met across all exchanges within 24 hours of deposits being re-opened. Furthermore, the price difference of $BOLT on Kucoin and Bitmax has quickly been minimized over the last few days with $BOLT’s spot price on Bitmax up ~80%. Kucoin spot price is quite insane today at 260 satoshis, but it’s most likely due to low liquidity. Once deposits resume, I expect more liquidity to come into $BOLT/BTC on Kucoin as retail traders hear and learn more about the project over the next quarter. However, with volume surging north of $1MM on the $BOLT/BTC on Bitmax today (Oct. 13), I have no doubt that liquidity will flow into Kucoin as well.

$BOLT Spot Price on

With such a small market cap, I believe $BOLT is massively undervalued. I foresee a 12-15MM market cap over the next 2-3 months. 

$BOLT’s Market Cap Year-To-Date

(Extracted from

$BOLT 12H TF (Derived from CMC Data)

$BOLT 3D TF (Derived from CMC Data)

$BOLT 1W TF (Derived from CMC Data)

To learn more about BOLT, please visit their website and twitter. You can also read up on their white paper, here.

You can follow the Founder of BOLT, Jamal Hassim, on twitter, here!

You can follow the Co-Founder of BOLT, Cristel Quek, on twitter, here!

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