Greetings to all visitors! We are pleased to present to you our information portal in which we cover all important information related to marketing. Thinking of taking up a new profession, but don’t know where to start? Or are you already in the marketing profession and searching for inspiration and up-to-date information? Great, we have a solution for each of these situations.


Our goal ?


Our goal is to shine a light on the profession of marketing and to bring like-minded people together on our platform. We sincerely believe that networking and building profile connections can double or even triple the effectiveness, by finding solutions to problems and challenges together.

For whom is this site suitable?

The site is suitable for beginners who want and plan to try themselves in a new field,as well as for experienced marketers from any direction.

Why our blog?

We are a united team with 9 years of experience. We know how to do it and how not to do it. We understand what information is relevant and that is what we post for you.

What about personal cases?

Here we will share personal case studies and observations that you can use in your projects. A smart person always learns from other people’s experiences.

Welcome to our ranks!

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